I’m constantly coming up with ideas that seem dispersed across the universe. But they usually have some connection to each other, even if you only realize well after the fact. Here’s a visual to describe my train of thought in space going through wormholes (I like string theory, too):

train of thought

If ideas and new connections are something you’re looking for, contact me.

A bit of background : After two and a half years of an immersive experience in Tokyo, I moved to Los Angeles to bring a different perspective to ideation. I’ve learned how to understand an entirely different culture and spread brand vision across borders. This pairs nicely with my experience in medical research. At Crush Industries, I’m taking concepts from abstract ideas to engaging experiences that connect brand and audience.

See the Work tab to find a selection of work from paintings, copy, and writing samples.

If you would like to contact me, please email ericdbealii@gmail.com